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The Ungrateful Refugee Reviews

The Ungrateful Refugee by Dina Nayeri

The Ungrateful Refugee

Dina Nayeri

4.00 out of 5

3 reviews

Imprint: Canongate Books Ltd
Publisher: Canongate Books Ltd
Publication date: 30 May 2019
ISBN: 9781786893451

A timely, provocative and personal examination of the refugee experience

4 stars out of 5
Susan McKay
17 Aug 2019

"Dina Nayeri’s book is an excellent addition to the literature of human rights"

She finds it heartbreaking that innocent people flee in terror from their beloved homes, comforting themselves that “the civilised world is kind”. This book is an excellent addition to the contemporary literature of human rights.



4 stars out of 5
10 Jul 2019

"Nayeri works hard to put names, faces, quirks and favourite recipes to the anonymous numbers we read about – or switch off from."

For all her uncertainty, Nayeri has found her place. In the lives and living quarters of refugees, using their “orphan details” to humanise a crisis so often portrayed as a footnote in geopolitical upheaval. She should write more of these stories and worry less about the telling. 

4 stars out of 5
Cyan Turan
8 Jun 2019

"what it's like to be forced to flee your home "

Nayeri's 2017 Guardian Long Read asked why we expect refugees to be grateful to live in our country. now, she explains what it's like to be forced to flee your home and journey across borders in the hope of a new life.