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The Wandering by Intan Paramaditha, Stephen J. Epstein

The Wandering

Intan Paramaditha, Stephen J. Epstein

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Imprint: Harvill Secker
Publisher: Vintage Publishing
Publication date: 13 Feb 2020
ISBN: 9781787301177

The choices you make about which pages to turn to may mean you'll become a tourist or an undocumented migrant, a mother or a murderer, and you will meet many travellers with their own stories to tell.

4 stars out of 5
6 Mar 2020

"Paramaditha’s references cleverly blend mythology, fairytales, Indonesian legends and popular culture"

The use of myth will no doubt inspire comparisons to Angela Carter: both writers playfully subvert the patriarchal values embedded in our culture’s darkest tales. But where Carter is a baroque, lyrical stylist, Paramaditha is chatty, frank and polemical. Her considerable storytelling skills, however, are not well served by this translation, which is pedestrian, plodding and wordy. The juxtaposed storylines are like people on aeroplanes you can choose to engage with, or not: whichever, you can’t help overhearing parts of their story as you leaf through. In time, your curiosity is excited.