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The Weight of Love Reviews

The Weight of Love by Hilary Fannin

The Weight of Love

Hilary Fannin

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Imprint: Doubleday Ireland
Publisher: Transworld Publishers Ireland Ltd
Publication date: 17 Mar 2020
ISBN: 9781781620458

Ruth, recently bereaved and fragile, is tentative. When Robin introduces Ruth to his childhood friend, Joseph, a tortured and talented artist, their attraction is instant. Powerless, Robin watches on as the girl he loves and his best friend begin a passionate and turbulent affair. Dublin 2017.

4 stars out of 5
24 Mar 2020

"this novel lives on long after reading with some lines burned in the brain"

Without resorting to cliche or stereotypes, Fannin has tackled a universal tale of heartbreak and made it feel entirely personal to her triumvirate of lost lovers. She is excellent at capturing the acute pain felt when a blow lands that, despite the sense of its crushing inevitability, still manages to surprise. In the cafe, when the three first meet, “what would happen had somehow already happened, the loving and mourning had already begun and already ended.” The weight of love in the book, however, is not just one of romance – it also poignantly observes the beautiful burden of parental love, both in the giving and receiving, and in the aftermath of its absence.