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This Dark Business: The Secret War Against Napoleon Reviews

This Dark Business: The Secret War Against Napoleon by Tim Clayton

This Dark Business

The Secret War Against Napoleon

Tim Clayton

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Category: History, Non-fiction
Imprint: Little, Brown
Publisher: Little, Brown Book Group
Publication date: 14 Aug 2018
ISBN: 9781408708644

This Dark Business tells the riveting story of the British government's determination to destroy Napoleon Bonaparte by any means possible.

4 stars out of 5
22 Sep 2018

"'The history of Britain’s secret war on Napoleon is astonishing, inspiring and disturbing'"

Laws and sausages, we know, are better not seen in the making; and neither are ‘black ops’. Waterloo may have been won on the playing fields of Eton, and Trafalgar on the dunes near Burnham Thorpe, but Britain’s secret war against Napoleon was won in less wholesome places. ‘This is a book about propaganda, spying and covert operations… a very modern story of secret committees, slush funds, assassination,’ writes Tim Clayton, whose Waterloo: Four Days that Changed Europe’s Destiny was by far the most scholarly of the many volumes produced for the bicentenary. And what an astonishing story it all is, alternately inspiring and disturbing, a challenging addition to the Napoleonic canon.


4 stars out of 5
29 Jul 2018

"A groundbreaking look at the endless attempts to assassinate Napoleon and vilify his name"

Yet as the historian Tim Clayton shows in this well-researched and well-written book, British ministers put an extraordinary amount of time, effort and money between 1800 and 1804 into trying to assassinate Napoleon Bonaparte, even though we were at peace with France for more than 12 months of that period... Clayton’s investigation into the multifarious plots that the British government fomented to try to bring down France’s First Consul breaks new ground, going much deeper into the subject than any previous account.