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Those People Reviews

Those People by Louise Candlish

Those People

Louise Candlish

3.57 out of 5

4 reviews

Category: Thrillers, Fiction
Imprint: Simon & Schuster Ltd
Publisher: Simon & Schuster Ltd
Publication date: 27 Jun 2019
ISBN: 9781471168079

The stunning new thriller from the bestselling author of Our House.

3 stars out of 5
Patricia Nicol
23 Jun 2019

"a feverish atmosphere is built up, with Candlish again skewering the peccadilloes and prejudices of her middle-class subjects"

Louise Candlish’s award-winning Our House was one of the standout successes of the past year, and deservedly so; its satisfyingly sucker-punch twists kept coming to the last sentence. Those People occupies the same terrain, geographically and socially: a gentrified south London street and its self-satisfied residents... Over six stifling weeks during last summer’s heat wave, a feverish atmosphere is built up, with Candlish again skewering the peccadilloes and prejudices of her middle-class subjects. For the next book, though, it would be good to see her extend her keen-eyed watch beyond one London neighbourhood.


4 stars out of 5
Laura Wilson
14 Jun 2019

"carefully crafted"

Candlish’s Those People is guaranteed to have you vibrating with impotent fury on behalf of the denizens of Lowland Way in south London, whose smug suburban lives are rudely shattered by the new arrivals from hell. With their endless messy renovations, top-volume thrash metal, appropriation of parking spaces and obduracy in the face of entreaties and threats, Darren and Jodie set the community by the ears, and soon the veneer of civilisation is wearing very thin indeed. Some lovely dark humour and the delicate, merciless filleting of human interactions more than make up for a few longueurs in this carefully crafted psychological thriller.

4 stars out of 5
Sarra Manning
8 Jun 2019

"Utterly gripping"

The calm of a middle-class street is shattered when Darren Booth arrives with his power tools, loud music and belligerent attitude. Then a tragic accident occurs and everyone's convinced Booth is behind it. But is he really? Utterly gripping.

4 stars out of 5
Nina Pottell
8 Jun 2019

"A read that will make you rejoice for nice neighbours!"

Lowland Way is a sought-after place to live, with friendly neighbours and real community spirit; that is until the Booths move in. The other residents are up in arms, but how far will they take things to restore their peace? A read that will make you rejoice for nice neighbours!