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To Be Fair Reviews

To Be Fair by Ben Fenton

To Be Fair: The Ultimate Guide to Fairness in the 21st Century

Ben Fenton

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Imprint: Mensch Publishing
Publisher: Mensch Publishing
Publication date: 11 Mar 2021
ISBN: 9781912914241
4 stars out of 5
Nick Rennison
8 Apr 2021

"Ben Fenton argues fairness has been 'embedded in our brains'"

Fenton turns a shrewd and intelligent eye on a range of human activities. He's clear on what is the most unfair event to happen in most of our lifetimes — the fact that 'the people who caused the financial crisis got away pretty much scot-free'. He dislikes populism in politics. 'Populists govern for their base,' he remarks. 'Fair politicians govern for all.' And, refreshingly, he stands up for 'mainstream' media where, he argues, you are more likely to find fairness than 'in the brackish, polluted and unknowable tributaries and streams and springs of the internet'.