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Tomorrow by Elisabeth Russell Taylor


Elisabeth Russell Taylor

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Imprint: Daunt Books
Publisher: Daunt Books
Publication date: 21 Feb 2018
ISBN: 9781911547129

very year Elisabeth Danziger travels to the Danish island of Møn to spend a week at The Tamarisks, a lavish hotel which was once her family's second home. Elisabeth stays in the same room and walks familiar paths. She visits the local museum; she unscrews the panel of an old bath tub to retrieve the crumbling piece of paper on which is written her name and that of Daniel Eberhardt, her beloved cousin. Elisabeth's annual pilgrimage is part of a longstanding family promise to meet again in Møn after their separation during the war.

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Fleur Sinclair, from the Sevenoaks Bookshop, said: "I've passed it on to colleagues and we're all unanimous in its complete brilliance. Every customer we've ever passed it onto has said exactly the same thing...Incredibly tragic but beatifully, beautifully written. One of those ones where you look up after a sentence and go 'wow!'"


5 stars out of 5
21 Feb 2018

"A tale of grief with a beautiful structure and wrenching twist"

Taylor’s reissued 1991 novel feels as though it could date from much earlier in the century, such is its cool, formal beauty and the exquisite portrait of unhappiness it paints. Yet when the protagonist’s glacial self-control cracks, the disturbing images that dart out from the damaged mind beneath the facade remind one that this is indeed a modern novel with a very sophisticated understanding of the depredations of grief.