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Travels of a Painter Reviews

Travels of a Painter by James Reeve

Travels of a Painter

James Reeve

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1 review

Imprint: Unity Press
Publisher: Unicorn Publishing Group
Publication date: 1 Sep 2020
ISBN: 9781916495791

Colourful short travel stories by a master of description

4 stars out of 5

"Artist pens eccentric memoir chronicling his adventures around the world "

Reeve has an eye for vivid detail and captures the absurdity of life with aplomb. In one of many famous encounters, he is mesmerised by poet Dame Edith Sitwell (‘sitting as frozen as a Plantagenet effigy, gazing at a wasp drowning in her cup of chocolate, it took two waiters to extricate it’). He witnesses Roald Dahl in the Curzon Club accosting Peter Sellers for seducing his daughter Tessa (she was 18 at the time, Sellers was 50).

But it is the not-so-famous who steal the show in this book, be they nuns, clowns or the woman he meets in Florence who spent her life wishing to be a tree: once a month her gardeners dug a hole in which they ‘planted’ and ‘watered’ her.