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Treasure Islands: True Tales of a Shipwreck Hunter Reviews

Treasure Islands: True Tales of a Shipwreck Hunter by Alec Crawford

Treasure Islands: True Tales of a Shipwreck Hunter

Alec Crawford

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1 review

Imprint: Birlinn Ltd
Publisher: Birlinn General
Publication date: 3 Sep 2020
ISBN: 9781780276014

In 1971 Alec Crawford is determined to make his fortune from ship salvage. Early attempts lead nowhere until he teams up with a new partner, Simon Martin. Diving in Hebridean waters, they explore remains of the Spanish Armada, and the wreck of the SS Politician, the vessel made famous in Whisky Galore.

4 stars out of 5
Allan Massie
4 Sep 2020

"Alec Crawford displays appealing sangfroid in his fascinating account of exploring shipwrecks off the Scottish coast"

Crawford writes of difficult and very dangerous work with a good deal of sangfroid. Indeed, one may call his tone of voice old-fashioned, for he goes in for understatement. The tone recalls an older Scotland, an older and now vanishing Britain. It’s the tone of the British war films of the Forties and Fifties, or indeed of the wartime air-crews, of pilots who downplayed the danger of their work and described a dodgy landing as “a piece of cake.” The good humour and absence of boasting and hyperbole make this an unusually likeable, as well as interesting, memoir.