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Tunnel Vision Reviews

Tunnel Vision by Kevin Breathnach

Tunnel Vision

Kevin Breathnach

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Imprint: Faber & Faber
Publisher: Faber & Faber
Publication date: 7 Mar 2019
ISBN: 9780571340088

Whether dissecting European architecture's obsession with historical loss, or the male gaze in photographer Andre Kertesz's work, Breathnach's writing - brave, wild, and genre-bending - heralds a dazzling new voice in literary prose.

4 stars out of 5
Blake Morrison
23 Mar 2019

"Drug-taking and soft porn, literary criticism and intimate reportage in a winning, inventive collection of essays"

Beyond its literary tricksiness, the book resonates as the story of many a twentysomething, unsure of what they want, where they belong and who they are, but willing to explore all options. “I tried each thing, only some were immortal and free” goes a line by John Ashbery, a poet whom Breathnach quotes. Tunnel Vision is written in that spirit: trying things out, not always successfully, but with inventiveness, candour and the promise of more to come.


3 stars out of 5
22 Mar 2019

"He knows he can sound silly and sordid and is especially funny when pricking his own pretentiousness"

It’s obvious from the titular essay that Tunnel Vision isn’t for everyone. It sets out as a study of a seven-hour Norwegian film about a train journey, but the author soon starts intercutting his analysis with recollections of drug-taking and masturbation... Self-effacement, though, is one of Breathnach’s qualities. He knows he can sound silly and sordid and is especially funny when pricking his own pretentiousness