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Two Souls Reviews

Two Souls by Henry McDonald

Two Souls

A Novel

Henry McDonald

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Imprint: Merrion Press
Publisher: Merrion Press
Publication date: 21 Aug 2019
ISBN: 9781785372575

At turns shocking and heart-breaking, Two Souls is a deeply affecting novel that crackles and enthrals, tragically exposing human nature's futile efforts to make the right decisions and to choose a life worth living.

4 stars out of 5
Ian Sansom
16 Nov 2019

"something rather strange and precious"

The notion of being or having game is extremely important to the book: as much as anything, this is a novel about the importance of performance, of self-presentation and self-dramatisation in all sorts of cultures, good and bad. “In Belfast you might be the biggest windy-licking, back-stabbing, touting, double-crossing, thieving, hooding, joyriding wee bastard, but if you’re game then all will be forgiven. Once you prove you’re game, you get respect … and maybe fear.” No one could doubt that Henry McDonald is game.