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Unraveling the Double-Helix Reviews

Unraveling the Double-Helix by Gareth Williams

Unravelling the Double Helix

The Lost Heroes of DNA

Gareth Williams

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Imprint: Weidenfeld & Nicolson
Publisher: Orion Publishing Co
Publication date: 18 Apr 2019
ISBN: 9781474609357

An engaging and original history of the first hundred years of DNA, one of the greatest triumphs of modern science.

4 stars out of 5
26 Apr 2019

"a truly superb narrative"

Gareth Williams, the former dean of medicine at Bristol University, has woven a truly superb narrative from short biographies of all the scientists who contributed to, and in some cases just missed out on, the epochal discovery that the secret of life is a digital linear code written on DNA. We now know the answer to Miescher’s objection: DNA looks boring and repetitive as a book looks boring and repetitive: it’s just a pile of bases, as a book is just a pile of pages. But what’s spelt out on the pages in linear digital code can be far from boring, as this book proves... By choosing to fill in the gaps in conventional accounts, Williams has done a good job of telling the whole story of science’s greatest discovery. He has done it with fluency and a real feel for narrative.