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Voyaging Out by Carolyn Trant

Voyaging Out: British Women Artists from Suffrage to the Sixties

Carolyn Trant

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Imprint: Thames & Hudson Ltd
Publisher: Thames & Hudson Ltd
Publication date: 5 Sep 2019
ISBN: 9780500021828

A fascinating new account of the work and lives of Britain's women artists in the twentieth century.

3 stars out of 5
Rachel Cooke
26 Aug 2019

"full of surprises"

Trant’s book is diligent, detailed and full of surprises: everyone is here, from the still celebrated (Sybil Andrews, Vanessa Bell, Barbara Hepworth) to the little known and the almost completely forgotten (Catherine Giles, Ithell Colquhoun, Cecile Walton). She pays attention not only to these women’s lives and work – carefully balancing the two – but makes room, too, for their weirdnesses and quirks: here are occultists and outsiders, crafters and cross-dressers... Inevitably, a book like this is unsatisfying to a degree. Trant set herself a huge task in covering such a long period of time, one that takes in two wars. Occasionally, her narrative has the feeling of a list; sometimes she tells when she should show [...] [b]ut it also sends you away determined to find out more... In this sense, Voyaging Out bulges with hope for the future: for more research, for more books and, above all, for more inclusive and wide-reaching shows.