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Weren't Born a Man Reviews

Weren't Born a Man by Dana Gillespie, David Shasha

Dana Gillespie: Weren't Born A Man

Dana Gillespie, David Shasha

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Imprint: Hawksmoor Publishing
Publisher: Hawksmoor Publishing
Publication date: 18 Jan 2021
ISBN: 9781838099053

The memoirs of Dana Gillespie, the award-winning first lady of the Blues.

3 stars out of 5
16 Jan 2021

"In an eye-popping memoir, the singer describes going to bed with Bob Dylan, David Bowie, Roman Polanski, Michael Caine and Sean Connery while still in her teens"

Her memoir now becomes more Candide than Candy, until we reach page 306, at which point she confesses to ‘burning my page-a-day diaries in the early Nineties’. Even if it felt at the time like‘a cleansing’, the gesture has been somewhat negated by the publication of this no-holds-barred memoir, leaving me for one lamenting the loss of a volume which might have been the ultimate memoir of the days when sex, drugs and rock’n’roll were little more than synonyms.