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What Happens Now? Reviews

What Happens Now? by Sophia Money-Coutts

What Happens Now?

Sophia Money-Coutts

4.00 out of 5

3 reviews

Imprint: HQ
Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers
Publication date: 22 Aug 2019
ISBN: 9780008288518

`So funny. And the sex is amazing!' Jilly Cooper on The Plus One `I was pregnant with the baby of a man I had met once. What was one normally left with after a first date? A bad case of thrush?'

4 stars out of 5
22 Aug 2019

"funny and beautifully written"

I adored this author’s debut so am delighted to report this second novel is just as funny and beautifully written.

Lil had no idea she was about to be dumped by the boyfriend she thought was ‘the one’ but there are plenty more fish online so she gets swiping and has her first date in eight years.


4 stars out of 5
1 Aug 2019

"Satire, social mores and sex ... put this in your summer beach bag"

Her second book, What Happens Now?, returns to the same tried-and-tested formula, with one figuratively small but metaphorically massive addition: a baby. Lil, the relatable heroine, wears Zara and lives in Brixton but is a teacher at St Lancelot’s, a private school in Chelsea where the students have names like Cosmo and Phineas, and the mothers are “dressed head-to-toe in lycra, the expensive sort that you didn’t work out in”.... Money-Coutts is excellent when it comes to skewering upper-class social stereotypes. In the mould of Rachel Johnson and Julian Fellowes, she uses her Tatler experience to witty effect. What Happens Now? may not be the cleverest book you’ll read all summer, but does it earn its place in your beach bag? Absolutely.

4 stars out of 5
Sarra Manning
8 Jun 2019

"Another wonderful romcom"

After spending one night with Alex, a handsome mountaineer, Lil finds herself pregnant. So she gets ready for single motherhood because Alex has ghosted her... or is he actually trekking up a mountain with no wi-fi access? Another wonderful romcom from Sophia Money-Coutts.