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Why Can't We Sleep by Darian Leader

Why Can't We Sleep?

Darian Leader

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Category: Non-fiction, Psychology
Imprint: Penguin Books Ltd
Publisher: Penguin Books Ltd
Publication date: 7 Mar 2019
ISBN: 9780241984437
4 stars out of 5
3 Mar 2019

"richly researched and entertaining "

For sleep, as the psychoanalyst Darian Leader reminds us in his richly researched and entertaining Why Can’t We Sleep?, has been commodified: it’s big business... Myriad books have charted the impact on sleep of variables such as artificial light and time zones, but the great value of Leader’s book lies in its challenge to questionable notions that have become assumptions... But Leader’s assertion that the memory-culling ambitions of sleep experts such as Walker are reminiscent of eugenicists is debatable... Ultimately, Leader’s dispute with sleep scientists is about the tendency to overstate the ease of overcoming sleeplessness.