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Wild Woods Reviews

Wild Woods by Richard Nairn

Wildwoods: The Magic of Ireland's Native Woodlands

Richard Nairn

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Imprint: Gill Books
Publisher: Gill
Publication date: 25 Sep 2020
ISBN: 9780717190218

Ecologist Richard Nairn buys a small woodland and allows it to go back to nature. A fascinating account of a typical year in a native Irish forest, its moods and seasons and wildlife secrets. Wildwoods is an important and timely reminder to pay attention to what nature can teach us.

5 stars out of 5
Tony Canavan
4 Nov 2020

"Nairn has a good style of writing that comfortably combines the conversational with the educational"

I thoroughly enjoyed this book and learned a lot about woodlands in Ireland. The next time I take a walk in a wood, I will have a greater appreciation of the trees and the various animals, insects and plants that survive among and on them.