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Win Or Die: Lessons for Life from Game of Thrones Reviews

Win Or Die: Lessons for Life from Game of Thrones by Bruce Craven

Win Or Die

Lessons for Life from Game of Thrones

Bruce Craven

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Category: Non-fiction, Humour
Imprint: BLINK Publishing
Publisher: Bonnier Books Ltd
Publication date: 1 Apr 2019
ISBN: 9781788701990

Why do people follow Jon Snow into battle? What makes Tyrion Lannister such an effective advisor? How has Daenerys Targaryen overcome so many challengers? And, in stressful life situations, how can you avoid losing your own head? Westeros is a harsh, volatile and bloody landscape, but so is the real world.

3 stars out of 5
Hugo Rifkind
30 Mar 2019

"a Westeros guide to life success"

So, as GoT character studies, half of this book works just fine. As for the other half, frankly I have no idea. If the target market for this book exists, I have never met anybody in it. For there are two geek cultures at work here, not one. That of Westeros and that of self-help motivational business-speak. And, with this book, one ring to bring them all, and in the darkness bind them. No, wait, sorry, that’s something else.