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Women Who Dared to Break All the Rules Reviews

Women Who Dared to Break All the Rules by Jeremy Scott

Women Who Dared to Break All the Rules

Jeremy Scott

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Imprint: Oneworld Publications
Publisher: Oneworld Publications
Publication date: 7 Feb 2019
ISBN: 9781786071934

The extraordinary stories of six women who defied the spirit of their age

3 stars out of 5
Eleanor Mills
10 Feb 2019

"striking specimens"

He has certainly uncovered some striking specimens, and with an adman’s flair for what’s bold and flashy he speeds the reader through the lives of his extraordinary subjects... Woodhull’s story is extraordinary, but Scott’s rather breathless retelling of it is a little unsatisfactory... he dwells rather too much on her physical features — how she was “a handsome woman in her prime wearing a skirt that revealed her well-formed calves” — and not enough on her inner life, and how it felt to be a woman so reviled... One wonders, too, why he has chosen some of his other subjects.