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Xeelee Redemption Reviews

Xeelee Redemption by Stephen Baxter

Xeelee: Redemption

Stephen Baxter

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Imprint: Gollancz
Publisher: Orion Publishing Co
Publication date: 23 Aug 2018
ISBN: 9781473217218

One of the world's bestselling science fiction authors returns to the series which made his name. The Xeelee are back for the last time...

5 stars out of 5
23 Sep 2018

"enthralling adventure from a science-fiction great"

...the great strength of Baxter’s writing is that his wonderfully inventive imaginings are all the more wonderful for being inspired by his deep and wide-ranging scientific knowledge; he’s as near to polymathy as anyone can be in these specialising times. Whether it’s the grand vision of the Xeelee’s great ring or individual set pieces such as the various versions of future human evolution that Poole and co encounter, or the depiction of just what it might be like to be on a planet whose star has just exploded, it’s the S behind it that helps make Baxter’s ultra-ambitious F not just plausible but enthralling and impressive.